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The Document Security Alliance (DSA) offers collaborative expertise from over 80 government, industry, and academic organizations – representing more than 300 individual members – who are dedicated to improving the security and authentication of critical value documents to combat criminal acts.

What’s at Stake?

The cost of fraud is staggering. The average organization loses 10% of revenue from counterfeiting and it has been estimated that the value of counterfeit goods globally exceeds 1.7 trillion dollars annually – over 2% of the world’s total current economic output. Document counterfeiting contributes to this fraud and represents a problem that is far greater than a financial loss. Personal security, domestic security and global security.

Counterfeit documents are more readily available in today’s digital age. Furthermore as physical and virtual documents become connected, the complexity of the situation increases. Governments are seeing more sophisticated counterfeits and fraudulent use of their issued documents – travel documents, identity documents and currency. In turn, counterfeit and fraudulent documents can be used to obtain legitimately issued documents. These fraudulently obtained but legitimately issued documents can be used for travel and financial crimes.

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Where We Stand

DSA is committed to identifying threats to legitimately issued documents, their production and issuance processes. We are committed to identifying technologies that would help secure the document issuance processes and to educating partners on issues involving document security.

Furthermore, DSA is committed to increasing awareness of the problems associated with counterfeiting of key financial instruments, travel and identity documents, serving as a resource for governments seeking to build their understanding of the solutions that exist today and providing recommendations and technical papers.

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Where We Stand

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07-12-2021 : Banknote 2021
07-19-2021 : ISC West
08-12-2021 10:00 am EDT : (Virtual) DSA Meeting
08-30-2021 : High Security Printing Latin America
09-08-2021 : Identity Week Asia

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