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Corporate Membership: An unlimited number of your company staff can be members and become involved in the Alliance. Due to the size of our meeting rooms, we will allow at two members per company to attend DSA meetings, with the option to expand if we have the available space.

Government: City, State, Federal and International Government Representatives who have expertise in documents and identity security. There is no charge for government members.

Academia: Individuals employed by a college or university that are involved in research of documents and identity security. There is no charge for Academic members.

Association: DSA offers a reciprocal membership for select non-profit associations and organizations. Contact DSA at to inquire about a reciprocal membership for your non-profit organization.

Individual Associate Membership: Individuals with expertise in documents and identity security. This is a non-voting, individual membership with limited privileges.

Each meeting requires online pre-registration at

Annual Membership Fee:

Corporate: $ 1,995.00
Individual: $ 500.00
Government:   $ 0.00
Academic: $ 0.00

DSA membership is valid for 12 months from the time the membership is approved.

One-time Application Fee:

Corporate: $ 200.00
Individual: $ 100.00
Government:   $ 0.00
Academic: $ 0.00

Application fees are non-refundable and must be received prior to the application being processed. Checks should be made payable to DSA and mailed to: DSA, 204 E Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002.

Membership Type:

  Member 1 Member 2 Alternate Member
Name: Required
Title: Required
Company: Required
Address: Required
Address 2: Complete
City, State Zip: Required
Phone: Required
Fax: Complete
Email: Required
Website: Complete

Company Description: Required
(1-2 sentences)
Member One Required
Participation Objective:
Member Two Complete
Participation Objective:
Sponsor One: Required
Sponsor One Company: Required
Sponsor One Email: Required
Sponsor Two: Required
Sponsor Two Company: Required
Sponsor Two Email: Required
Agree to the Terms & Conditions Required

Please send a biography for each applicant detailing what individual expertise they have to
One of your two sponsors must submit a letter of sponsorship to