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09-23-2019 Register today for the October 3rd meeting in DC! Great lineup of speakers.
[Mon Sep 23, 2019 @ 01:09 pm ET] View
09-11-2019 Visit DSA booth 1875 @ GSX in Chicago this week.
[Wed Sep 11, 2019 @ 05:09 pm ET] View
08-19-2019 September in @Estonia! The 2nd DSA Europe meeting will be held in conjunction with @eIDForumOrg. Speakers will fo
[Mon Aug 19, 2019 @ 01:08 pm ET] View
08-07-2019 Last days to submit your comments on the collection of info from States for Real ID compliance. A very important t
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07-26-2019 This is when it gets complicated - a group ostensibly supported (if unofficially) by the US Government was raided,
[Fri Jul 26, 2019 @ 05:07 pm ET] View
07-25-2019 DSA will hold our 2nd DSA Europe Meeting on September 16, 2019 in conjunction with the @eIDForumOrg Forum Conferen
[Thu Jul 25, 2019 @ 08:07 am ET] View
07-24-2019 Mark your calendars! DSA has again partnered with the Electronic Identity (eID) Forum September 17-18, 2019 Ta
[Wed Jul 24, 2019 @ 08:07 am ET] View
06-06-2019 Jeremy Grant comes back to DSA as a member of the private sector to provide a brief on FIDO and industry's ever cha
[Thu Jun 06, 2019 @ 03:06 pm ET] View
  Everything you wanted to know about FIPS 201-2 identity source document validation was presented today by Hildy F.
[Thu Jun 06, 2019 @ 03:06 pm ET] View
  Great panel discussion on document security design, but the highlight will be the answer to Board Member and modera
[Thu Jun 06, 2019 @ 01:06 pm ET] View
  @ICEgov it might not be easy as riding a bike, but HSI Forensic Laboratory encourages us to construct #secureids an
[Thu Jun 06, 2019 @ 01:06 pm ET] View
  Resonant Cavity Dielectric Spectroscopy? @DocSecAlliance has that covered, thanks to @USGPO. Great start to our Ju
[Thu Jun 06, 2019 @ 12:06 pm ET] View
  Trust, but Verify.
[Thu Jun 06, 2019 @ 12:06 pm ET] View
  The @FBI #forensics stays on top of technology developments to keep up with the bad guys. Smart notebooks may erase
[Thu Jun 06, 2019 @ 11:06 am ET] View
  DSA members benefiting from a briefing on #blockchain from @gbaglobal
[Thu Jun 06, 2019 @ 10:06 am ET] View
03-14-2019 "Physical drivers license still the preferred id in Finland" but for how much longer? Mobile IDs are becoming the n
[Thu Mar 14, 2019 @ 03:03 pm ET] View
  Martin Johnson kept the crowd awake post-lunch w/great presentation on fake IDs. It may seem like we're being repet
[Thu Mar 14, 2019 @ 03:03 pm ET] View
  Continuing our international flavor with a talk from the Tony Machin, Chair of the UK Assn of Document Validation P
[Thu Mar 14, 2019 @ 03:03 pm ET] View
  DSA Members from competing companies play nice and discuss the challenges of automated document exams.
[Thu Mar 14, 2019 @ 03:03 pm ET] View
  DSA is once again proud to be an official partner of the eID Forum with the Rep. of Estonia, AAMVA, EU Regional Dv
[Thu Mar 14, 2019 @ 01:03 pm ET] View
  Thanks to @e_estonia for sharing their experiences with us today!
[Thu Mar 14, 2019 @ 12:03 pm ET] View
  2% gdp savings and increased security on the back of the Estonian eID program. Magnus Arm and Mark Erlich visit us
[Thu Mar 14, 2019 @ 11:03 am ET] View
  @ArlingtonVaPD successfully implemented the first voluntary accreditation program for area restaurants that include
[Thu Mar 14, 2019 @ 11:03 am ET] View
  AAMVA is committed to making training more widely-available. They still have classroom ba
[Thu Mar 14, 2019 @ 10:03 am ET] View
  @AAMVA reminds us that all DSA members have access to their Fraud Detection and Remediation training. Go to the DSA
[Thu Mar 14, 2019 @ 10:03 am ET] View
  No bank branches? Physical post offices relegated to the cloud? That's part of the eID future, based on our European partner's experiences.
[Thu Mar 14, 2019 @ 10:03 am ET] View
  Kicking off our spring meeting with a brief on the state of eID in Scandinavia from Kjell Olav Skogen. Fitting for
[Thu Mar 14, 2019 @ 10:03 am ET] View
03-11-2019 Join fellow #DSA members and guests Wednesday evening @CarminesNYC (in DC) 425 7th Street, NW (
[Mon Mar 11, 2019 @ 10:03 am ET] View
03-09-2019 At the #DSA spring meeting, @RegulaForensics Arif Mamedov will moderate a panel covering Automated Document Examina
[Sat Mar 09, 2019 @ 10:03 am ET] View
03-08-2019 EU announces tighter ID card security, produced in a uniform, credit card format (ID-1), include a machine-readable
[Fri Mar 08, 2019 @ 09:03 pm ET] View
  #BrexitChaos - UK Passport Office website crashes after warning that 3.5 million holidaymakers could be stopped fro
[Fri Mar 08, 2019 @ 04:03 pm ET] View
03-07-2019 #mclovin would last long in the DC area with his #fakeid - on March 14 we'll be hearing from local law enforcement
[Thu Mar 07, 2019 @ 09:03 pm ET] View
  Great agenda for @DocSecAlliance Spring Meeting next Thursday the 14th in DC. Speakers from Norway, Estonia, Finla
[Thu Mar 07, 2019 @ 04:03 pm ET] View
11-01-2018 New ISO tax stamp standard is published
[Thu Nov 01, 2018 @ 04:11 pm ET] View
10-29-2018 Did you know that #Ohio didn't have #counterfeiting as a crime on their books? No longer the case! Police See Ne
[Mon Oct 29, 2018 @ 12:10 pm ET] View
10-10-2018 Join us tonight at the District Chophouse for the DSA social hour(s)! @DistrictChop
[Wed Oct 10, 2018 @ 12:10 pm ET] View
10-03-2018 This is not a #PresidentialAlert Here's your toolkit for next week's DSA Meeting! Details: Agenda:
[Wed Oct 03, 2018 @ 02:10 pm ET] View
09-14-2018 The eID Forum Estonia 2018 is right around the corner - join us in Tallinn for a dialogue between Industry Experts
[Fri Sep 14, 2018 @ 02:09 pm ET] View
08-23-2018 DSA Members can enjoy a discount at the upcoming eID forum in @VisitTallinn Tallinn, Estonia. @eIDForumOrg. Regi
[Thu Aug 23, 2018 @ 04:08 pm ET] View
08-16-2018 The FANGs continue to make "soft touches" into the security world. @Apple thinks they can safeguard your passports
[Thu Aug 16, 2018 @ 02:08 pm ET] View
08-05-2018 DSA Members - register now and receive a 25% discount on a pass for the upcoming eID forum in Estonia.
[Sun Aug 05, 2018 @ 09:08 pm ET] View
08-01-2018 Mark your calendars for our next meeting, Thursday, October 11 at the 20 F Street, NW Conference Center located at
[Wed Aug 01, 2018 @ 06:08 pm ET] View
06-21-2018 DSA is a proud partner of the eID forum to be held in Tallinn, Estonia this September. Our members will have acces
[Thu Jun 21, 2018 @ 05:06 pm ET] View
  Come by the DSA booth M19 (5th floor of the @QEIICentre) #sdw2018 Security Document World Expo next week in London.
[Thu Jun 21, 2018 @ 05:06 pm ET] View
06-15-2018 OPENING KEYNOTE: Andy Mackinder The Future of the UK's Borders @SDWEvents
[Fri Jun 15, 2018 @ 04:06 pm ET] View
06-07-2018 EU data market is with an estimated 60 billion according to the @CommerceGov #GDPR
[Thu Jun 07, 2018 @ 02:06 pm ET] View
  @NCOAging and Senior Medicare Patrol legal counsel Theresa Brownson urges vigilance to protect against
[Thu Jun 07, 2018 @ 02:06 pm ET] View
  New features on new #Medicare cards is growing are intended to deter fraud, according to Chris DeYoung of @gwlaw he
[Thu Jun 07, 2018 @ 02:06 pm ET] View
  Hearing from author Dr. Magdalena Krajewski on #nationalid cards in the US. Historically significant pushback but a
[Thu Jun 07, 2018 @ 01:06 pm ET] View
  Governor Cuomo Announces Fake ID and Underage Drinking Crackdown During the Summer Concert Season via @nygovcuomo
[Thu Jun 07, 2018 @ 12:06 pm ET] View